Tower/Reformer Combo Workout (28 mins)

7 thoughts on “Tower/Reformer Combo Workout (28 mins)

  1. Love this! Always looking for reformer towers workouts for my clients. Can’t wait to teach tomorrow!!

  2. This was my very first Reformer/Tower workout of 2020, and it couldn’t have been a better choice. Thank you for not killing us with ab work! Loved all the leg and foot work, and extension on the box with the Push-Thru. The Mermaid series at the end was very challenging for me, so I will be revisiting that in the near future.

    Also, thank you for mentioning spring differences among equipment makers, and the adjustment of the carriage. All these details help me adjust my equipment for a better movement experience, and isn’t that what’s all about?


  3. Another creative combo class! Apparently I need to practice more of the hamstring curls on the box.. woah!

  4. Really neat class! I do not have a tower on my reformer at home but I was able to improvise with the ropes and it worked! I’ll try the “real” versions when I’m in the studio next (where the tower is 😁). Creative ideas !

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