I’m a full-time Pilates instructor, studio owner, and teacher trainer who’s excited to share with you how I keep my schedule full, keep my studio running smoothly, and stay excited to teach everyday.

I’m the baby of 3 siblings and the birth order rules definitely apply. I am incredibly driven and seriously show up when presented with a challenge.

When I was about 12 years old I decided I wanted to be a classical ballet dancer and was accepted into the prestigious high school ballet program at the University of the the North Carolina School of the Arts. My first year, I was the least experienced dancer in lowest level class. Due to my extreme drive and undying determination, I advanced into the highest level class within 2 years and performed lead roles for the remainder of my training. UNCSA is also where I first discovered Pilates.

There was a small studio in the basement of the dance building with a few Reformers, a Cadillac and a Ladder Barrel and I’d sneak in there to workout even though at the time I had no formal Pilates training. I would use the pictures posted on the wall as a guide for the movements and just hope I was doing the exercises somewhat correctly. In 1999, after making the difficult decision to quit dancing due to an injury, I moved to Charleston, SC where I participated in the PilateSystems’ Full Apparatus Certification program facilitated by Karen Sanzo and Colleen Glenn.I absolutely loved learning the Pilates Method, but even more so, I fell in love with teaching. Connecting with people and seeing them light up because an exercise made sense for the first time was thrilling for me. I wanted my clients to have that experience every single time they moved, and I immersed myself in the Method to be able to be the best teacher I could be.

In 2002, I moved to Wilmington, NC and started In Balance Pilates Studio. When I opened the doors I had one reformer and no clients. The challenge of building the studio from the ground up was exciting for me, and I built that studio one client at a time. There’s that drive again!In 2004, I started a teacher training program, and today, I have trained hundreds of Pilates instructors up and down the east coast. Somehow along the way I also managed to marry the world’s most patient man, and we have 2 amazing children and the world’s most beautiful Boston Terrier.

In 2016, I took a big leap into the social media world and started posting one-minute videos on Instagram and Facebook. Due to a rough history with social media, I had sworn it off years ago, but I had this yearning to share my love for Pilates so started posting anyways. I quickly learned social media wasn’t as horrible as I had once thought and was excited to be making connections to other Pilates professionals. I should also mention I was having a whole lot of FUN!


In 2016, I entered and won the Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition. When I got the call that I was the winner my mind was officially blown. My hard work and years of teaching experience were being recognized all over the world. I was absolutely humbled to the core. Filming at the Pilates Anytime studio was the most exhilarating experience. I felt like my life had come full circle, and I loved having the opportunity of teaching my passion while in front of a camera.


As soon as I finished filming my first class, I knew I had to take my one-minute social media posts to the next level once I got home. Subscribe to Carrie Pages Pilates to have full access to classes, exercise tutorials, and fresh Pilates content that will keep you inspired and excited about your daily teaching.