This is a question I hear a lot. At some point in a student's first month of Pilates, they’ll say, “Why isn’t this getting easier?” They tend to think that once they’ve done an exercise for a few weeks they should be able to do it without effort. To help them understand my view of the Pilates process I always compare Pilates to dance and music. With dance and music after a certain point in your training, you're no longer learning new movements or notes but you refining your performance of them. You begin to put the movements or notes together in ways that make them more challenging. You may learn to execute more turns or hold notes longer but the fundamentals remain the same, therefore the process doesn’t get easier you just get better. For me, Pilates is like a dance or symphony that flows from one movement to the next and I love to experience how each workout feels different. I try to perform the movements with more precision and control concentrating on how I can move more effortlessly and focused. I never get bored. If anything I find myself falling more in love with Pilates year after year.


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