The PMA conference is 16 days away, and I absolutely can’t wait. Have you seen the venue? Holy cow it’s gorgeous! In my excitement for this years event, I’ve been reminiscing over last years conference and want to share with you a few tips for getting the most out of your experience. After winning the Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition and filming my classes at Pilates Anytime in Santa Barbara last October, I was flown to the 2016 PMA Conference. I didn’t stop smiling or laughing for 4 days. To be in the same building with the world's best instructors and surrounded by fellow Pilates nerds was a dream come true. Up to that point I’d felt so isolated from the Pilates community, but at the conference I was surrounded by people who really understood what it was like to love and teach Pilates. I created very close friendships with instructors from all over the country who are a constant source of support and strength for me today. I can’t imagine my Pilates career without them, and I have the PMA conference to thank for this! The workshops and classes are amazing and the presenters are the best in the world!  Join me this year at the 17th annual conference in Indian Springs, CA and keep reading for my insider tips to getting the most out of the conference.

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If you're already registered you will want to download the app for the conference.  Search your email inbox for this email from the PMA:  PMA 2017 Conference - Download the Event Mobile App.  It explains how to download the app, and I swear you will be so glad you have it.  I must have opened my 100 times over the course of the weekend.  It has your schedule loaded on to it, so you'll know exactly where and when your classes are being held.  There's an activity feed where people write messages and communicate.  There's also a fun game called "The Hundred Photo Challenge".


From the very moment you arrive there's an amazing buzz of energy and excitement. Head directly to the registration desk where you’ll be met with huge smiles from the conference volunteers and a bag full of goodies. It’s so much fun to check-in to your hotel room, get settled, and sort through your welcome packet.


Don’t miss out on one minute of the Sip and Shop on Wednesday evening! It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the conference! It’s where you’ll see everyone for the first time and meeting my social media friends in person was a total highlight of the trip. You'll sip on complimentary grown up beverages and walk through the shopping venue to check out all of the vendors. The Sip and Shop is sponsored by Weekend At Bernies and Pilates Education Institute.


DON'T MISS THE PILATES ANYTIME PARTY                                          

I am absolutely not kidding when I say don't miss this party.  Pilates Anytime is not only the best online studio but they throw the best parties!  This year the theme is "Party Like A Rock Star"!  Come dressed as your favorite rock star and dance the night away.  I have my costume picked out!  Watch this video to learn more.



Speaking of shopping, you are going to need an extra bag to carry home all of the new stuff you buy and get for free! Many of the vendors aren’t only selling their best products but have free gifts, too! You’ll want to bring it all home with you, so just grab one of your 1,000 Lululemon or Athleta shopping bags, fold it up, and throw it in your luggage. I promise you’re going to need it.



Just one more tip about the shopping. Get ready to be tempted because over the course of the 4 days you’ll be want more and more Pilates gear. The Pilates Nerd booth alone will blow your mind, and there’s nothing like being able to see all of the Nerd gear in person. Click here to see the full list of vendors who will be at the conference.



I was shocked by how many outfits I went through last year. There are 3 sessions per day with at least one being a mat class, and you will get sweaty! I changed my Pilates clothes at least twice a day, so I would definitely come prepared with extra leggings. You could always just buy new stuff, too!


You will be using your phone a lot! You'll constantly be referring to the app to check your schedule. You’ll also be taking loads of pics, posting to your social media accounts, and videoing fun moments which will drain your battery. My cell phone died at once per day, so trust me, you’re gonna need backup. At the very least be sure to have your charger with you at all times, but I suggest bringing a portable charger. Here’s the link to the one I have.


There ya go! Just a few tips for having everything you need at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference.  In this one amazing conference you’ll get all of your PMA CEC’s covered for a year, admission to all of the parties, learn from the best of the best in the Pilates industry, and make tons of new friends! It’s an experience you’ll never forget, and I hope to see you there.



9 thoughts on “Tips For The PMA Conference *Updated*

  1. Hey Carrie, can students attend the Conference? I hadn’t ever attended because I thought it was for industry only… Is it?

  2. Independent of your very kind (and if I may say, accurate) words about our party, I think this is a fantastic set up for anyone attending the conference. Donna Shultz, yes, all are welcome. The conference itself is geared towards fortitying Pilates as an industry, but I think as a student you will find it very interesting and you will not be alone. If you come, please join us at the party too!

  3. Thanks so much Carrie for sharing your insider knowledge!! I’m a PMA virgin and so appreciate your advice and tips for navigating the conference. Also just ordered a portable cell charger – woot! I’m so excited to join the party this year and really hope to get a chance to meet you 🙂

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