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I received the email below last week and it made my heart skip a beat!

Dear Carrie,

I am a new instructor, and I'm really struggling with cueing and confidence. It all seems so hard for me, and I thought I would enjoy teaching Pilates. Not the case at all.  I am so nervous all the time and find it hard to manage.  Did you have the same experience in the beginning?


YES, YES. 100 TIMES YES!  Here’s what my early teaching experience looked like.   Two months after receiving my certification, I took over another instructor's entire schedule because she was unexpectedly put on bed rest in her 2nd trimester.  Overnight I was teaching 25 hours a week to clients who were used to a seasoned instructor.  I can remember feeling nervous every single session of every single day.  I also remember thinking I shouldn’t feel that way.  I thought I should just be able to walk into the studio, take control, and teach like my mentors.  After all, I had just spent over 450 hours immersing myself in Pilates that year and had memorized every single exercise, repetition, and breathing pattern.  Shouldn’t this be easy?  The answer is no.  Becoming a confident and proficient teacher takes time, not memorization skills.  Just like getting the exercises of Pilates in your body is a process so is your journey in teaching Pilates.  Be patient and trust the process, and know that even if you've been teaching for 17 years like me it doesn’t mean that you’re free from those feelings from the question above.  I still get nervous, make mistakes, and worry if I’m making the right choices for my client's bodies.  It does get easier though and I promise it happens sooner than you think it will.  Just keep showing up, doing your best, and if you have to “fake it ‘til you make it!”

3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Teaching Pilates Be Easy?

  1. I just finished my certification program and have been stressing over all the same things.
    Although I find myself worrying more about teaching in front or around other teachers in the studio. I know all the exercises and am slowly developing better cues, but I can’t stop stressing over what they may be thinking or noticing when I teach. I thought other instructors would be more helpful. My teacher is awesome and I have been seeking her advice more. So all you newbies out there… your not alone:) Thanks Carrie for your supportive words. So glad I found your website!!

    1. I’m so glad you found the site too! I really appreciate you sharing your encouraging words to other new instructors. It’s so important to feel like you’re not alone!

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