This weekend the family headed to Boston for vacation and we had a blast.  We did some touristy things (the rain changed our plans a bit), took our niece and nephew to the aquarium & science museum and even went to  Newport, RI which is truly one of the most beautiful towns I've ever visited.  I was also able to fit in Pilates!

During the past few months I've met a lot of wonderful people on Instagram.  The IG Pilates community is so positive and supportive and the experience I've had has been incredibly empowering.  I've made a lot of virtual Pilates nerd friends around the world and this weekend I met a real live one!  Zayna Gold is the owner of Boston Body Pilates and a Balanced Body educator.  Throughout the voting process for the Pilates Anytime competition Zayna was my cheerleader and up until Saturday I had never met her or even talked to her on the phone!  I took her reformer class at 10 am and then we talked about Pilates and the future of Pilates.  We talked about the amazing Pilates community on Instagram and how Instagram seems to represent what we all need. Positivity, support, connectivity and acceptance.  Let's keep the joy of Pilates going my friends.  It's in our hands!

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