I love this Joseph Pilates quote.  It’s such a perfect reminder to me that no matter how persistent and determined I am that I need to balance it out with patience.  I rock at persistence. I'm type A, OCD and driven as h*ll but when I consciously let go of some of that and lean into patience I am able to experience more joy in the success.  I’ve been known to ruin a fantastic experience by working so hard that I can’t feel the joy.  When I found out I won the Pilates Anytime competition I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t ruin it by stressing out.  That same day I saw the above quote that I’ve seen a million times but it resonated differently.  This is my big chance to do this right.  To feel it and not fight it.  15 days and counting until I fly to California and teach the classes of my life!  I’m so excited for this opportunity and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.



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