Using Google Calendar for your Pilates studio schedule. (3 mins)

2 thoughts on “Using Google Calendar for your Pilates studio schedule. (3 mins)

  1. Hey Carrie,

    I currently use a service through Square to schedule appointments, but it costs $30 / month, and it’s just me here. What like is the reminder feature that goes to clients. Can I do this with the Google calendar?

    Am also looking for a less expensive way to process credit cards. I like the efficiency of Square, but have heard that Vinmo doesn’t charge a fee. Any thoughts?


    1. As far as I know Google Calendar doesn’t have a reminder feature, but that’s something I’ve never used. I haven’t looked into any other CC processing. For my studio I’ve always gone through my bank which has the absolute lowest fees I can find. I love the idea of NO FEES though!! I need to look into Vinmo.

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