Reformer Class with a Focus on Cueing Your Clients (35 mins)

7 thoughts on “Reformer Class with a Focus on Cueing Your Clients (35 mins)

  1. Thank you for this- I used the band this morning with my student- her form improved sustainably. She also was able to transfer the undue pressure and work of her wrists to her upper body to keep her stable. Terrific as always!

  2. That loop is a genius idea. I actually paused the video midway to order a set so I can have them in hand and try it out on my Wednesday reformer classes. Thanks Carrie!

  3. Great class and cues as always! Now I want those mini bands! Do you know which brand they are?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Yes, these particular mini bands are made by Sport2People, they work very well! There are lots of great brands though, Spri is another well-made, durable brand. I recommend either of those!

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