Reformer (27 mins)

9 thoughts on “Reformer (27 mins)

  1. Love it!! About ready to come make a trip out to north crackerlacer to come and take a class in person.

  2. Hi,
    On that last exercise, what spring did you use?

    Also, I notice most of the time you have your risers in the lowest position. Our studio usually has them in the highest position.I don’t really mess with them. Is there an advantage to having them is the lowest position?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Judy! I used a medium spring (Yellow on Peak) for the last exercise. As for the risers I like the angle of the lowest setting for the majority of the exercises. For example when the risers are set high for leg circles the springs feel a little light and the ROM is pretty big. That’s only my personal preference though. For the last exercise I find that having the risers set high is necessary for getting the appropriate amount of ROM due to the direction that the leg is moving. I hope that makes sense!

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