Mat Class For Glutes and Hips (40 Mins)

5 thoughts on “Mat Class For Glutes and Hips (40 Mins)

  1. Loved the focus of this class, to get us to think more about our hips/legs and not just everything from the core . Thanks!

  2. Love it! I am a runner and most of my clients runs or sports too, we all needed to stretch our hips (after the cosy evenings in the sofa) More of that x

  3. I was SO stiff and tight in my low back, hamstrings and quads at the start of this class, and I almost abandoned ship.
    But I pressed on, and when we got to the Down Dog series at the end, everything felt loose and fluid. Good reminder to not give up! and that Pilates is a lot like brushing your teeth: you have to do a little every day (sometimes several times) to enjoy the benefits.

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