Foam Roller Mat Class (36 mins)

6 thoughts on “Foam Roller Mat Class (36 mins)

  1. Carrie I wanted to tell you that this class was a lifesaver and gave me so many ideas for Skype clients this week. I, like so many Pilates teachers during this COVID-19 crisis, are having to resort to Skype lessons and many clients have limited equipment…. but most seem to have a foam roller! Thank you so MUCH!! Just an idea for your streaming content : classes/tutorials for teachers who need ideas for Pilates equipment clients who will agree to work out virtually.

  2. that was great Carrie. Thanks for some great ideas. I only heard “circle” a couple times. I guess because I
    substitute one for the other ALL the time. :). Question: Do you have any workouts for osteoporosis clients?
    Thanks and happy holidays.
    Pattie Breen

  3. Lovely class Carrie, thanks very much ! I used a yoga block for several exercises as don’t have a short roller and it worked very well. BTW didn’t notice circle reference as was trying to focus on the movement;). Cheers, Nina 😊

  4. I only have a long foam roller but I found that using a block for the moments that I couldn’t use the long roller for was super helpful!
    Thanks for class:)

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