Creative Combinations on the Chair (45 mins)

10 thoughts on “Creative Combinations on the Chair (45 mins)

  1. Loved this chair workout! I struggle coming up with new things for clients the chair so this was perfect! Also, where did you find those fabulous leggings?

  2. I keep having problems getting to the video. I keep getting blocked. I did subscribe, so would like to be able to access the video from my studio. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Joanell! I’m so sorry about this. Is this happening with all of the videos or just this one? One suggestion I have is to use Google Chrome as your web browser. The site works best with it. We’ll get this sorted out!

  3. Love your cues, always! Very challenging as I squeezed this one in between clients, thank you as always for creative combinations and flowing transitions.

  4. Loved all the unique flows, especially the pump/going up/pikes and footwork/tendon stretch/table! Well, OK, all of them were great!

  5. nice combos, very challenging. love love the pike prep from knees on peddle. so helpful and intuitive. thanks

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