Cardio Flow

11 thoughts on “Cardio Flow

  1. Can you explain the purpose of the extender straps for the leg circles at the end. PS loved the work out!!!

    1. Hi there! My reformers do not have risers so the range of motion for leg circles and frog can feel limited. Added extensor straps gives me more range. I hope that makes sense!


  2. Loved it!! Felt like a FULL BODY workout in just a half hour! Nice snakey planks with the box by the side and I appreciated the arm work; biceps, etc!

  3. Super fun! Enjoyed the box feedback for variation on stomach massage; also the variation on snake. Such a challenging piece for me but this was a great way to feel like you were working in a more doable manner. Thanks so much! Really enjoying your creativity!!!! Thanks for all you do!

  4. Thank you Carrie! Super fun and a great workout! Especially loved the variation on building towards snake, and plank to push up to pike! 🙂

  5. Loved this workout! I am always hesitant to teach snake, not my favorite. I will try your variations. Thanks!!

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