It's December 26 and my excitement for 2017 is in full swing.  I thought I'd do a few blog posts about how I get organized as a regular person, Pilates instructor, studio owner, and Mom over the next few blog posts.  Today I'll share which planner I use and some of my favorite planner tools.  I've learned that I'm more likely to get excited and be committed to something if I can be creative along the way.  As a kid, I always decorated my loose leaf paper with pretty markers and somehow it made taking notes at school the next day more fun.  So now as an adult I have figured out an outlet for the Lisa Frank, sticker loving kid in me. I use a Passion Planner.  I've been doing so for 3 years and I love it.  The crisp black and white pages are like butter to write on, it has a place for personal and work to-do lists, and there are inspiring quotes throughout.  I use stickers and washi tape to decorate it each week which serves absolutely no purpose other than to make it pretty! I look forward to every Sunday when I sit down to get organized and I enjoy the chance to get a little crafty and creative.   Passion Planner is having a flash sale through 12/27/16 for $5 off a 2017 planner.  Get one now!

One way I have customized my planner is by gluing the monthly reflection sheets at the end of the month together and putting washi tape on the edges of it.  That way I now have monthly view pages that separate the 4 weeks of the each month.  They're very easy to flip to and the washi tape makes the planner super pretty from the side.  The monthly reflection sheets are awesome but I found after a couple of years that I wasn't taking the time to complete them, so I came up with this idea.   I also use washi tape and Create 365 stickers to decorate it each week.


On the front cover of my planner I stick small stacks of Post-It Notes (the super sticky ones work best for this) and this very cool Post It Notes pocket.  I have been able to reuse this pocket for 3 planners and the adhesive is still sticky.  I absolutely recommend it!


My most loved planner tools are my pens!  I use Pilot Frixion Pens, markers and highlighters.  They are AMAZING!!! These pens and markers are erasable and I mean it! They leave absolutely no trace once you've erased using the Frixion eraser.  A WARNING:  Don't leave any important documents in full/direct sunlight.  The ink will actually disappear.  I have never had anything terrible happen due to this but I am thoughtful about when I use these pens.  I definitely don't have clients use them when filling out their intake forms and I would never sign an important document with them.  As for my planner needs and lesson plan documentation: you can't beat these pens!


Another way I individualize my Passion Planner is by using these adorable holiday stickers by  Star City Designs.  You can instantly download them here.



So there's a little peak at how I get ready for my life each Sunday.  I also plan out my lessons for the week and have them organized in a cute binder but more on that in my next post!  I hope this gives you some ideas for getting ready for the new year.  Let's do this 2017!



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