I am home. My trip to California to film for Pilates Anytime and attend the PMA conference was absolutely amazing. For me, this trip was an unbelievable professional experience, but I also learned a lot about myself. I was constantly brought to tears by the fact that I’m a different person today than I was 365 days ago.

I walked through the doors of Pilates Anytime this year and filmed 3 videos that I’m already proud of even though I haven't seen the final product. I drove myself from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs in a rental car and didn’t crash it or get lost. I spent 4 days making new friends, hugging friends I’ve never met in person before, and watching old friends move mountains. Most importantly though I experienced a deep, deep feeling of gratitude for my family.

There are times I feel like 2 people. Some days I transition between Pilates and Momming like a ninja, but most days I’m more like a hot, stressed-out mess. My family is left to deal with me being distracted and constantly immersed in my career.

I am so grateful for the man who’s rarely seen but keeps this crazy woman moving forward on a daily basis. He brought chocolate, flowers, and our babies to the airport last night to pick me up. I cried so hard when I wrapped my arms around him because in that moment I wasn't confused. I was crystal clear on how lucky I am. I could not do anything without him by my side. Anything.

I’m so happy to be home with a fresh perspective on what I have already and what I want for my future. At the top of the list are days with my people that are less distracted by work and full of all the feels. Some days that means arguments, long nights of homework, and forgetting to pack lunches because that’s the way it usually goes. I just want to be present when all of that is happening. I also intend to continue to pursue a kickass career. That will come with plenty of mistakes as well, but I’m not going to give up on my career just because it’s too hard to do it all!

I’m just going to have to do it with a little less pressure from Martha Stewart, Carol Brady, and all of the ridiculous preconceived ideas I have in my head of what being a working mom looks like. I’m going to do it MY way which will be full of flaws and hopefully a few successes too. I’ll update you in another 365 days.

17 thoughts on “I’m Going To Live My Life With Less Pressure from Carol Brady and Martha Stewart

  1. I often wonder if I’m doing enough in my Pilates career— teaching enough, practicing enough, learning enough, and posting enough. And the answer, career-wise, is probably not.
    Then I read your blog and am hit square between the eyes with the fact that I’m MORE than a Pilates teacher. Much, much more! And I’m running as hard and fast as I can most days to do it all excellently. Well, that stops today! I will do most of it we’ll, some of it excellently, and parts of it not so much. Maybe it’s really okay to give 50% some days at some tasks.
    Remind if this when I call you in a panicked crisis!
    PS. I plan to be at the PMA next year. We WILL hang out.

    1. I wish I had your wisdom when I was raising my daughters. I am an empty nester now with a home studio. I teach only minimally. Life is such a fleeting moment especially being in the middle of it all. Looking back I wish I had been even more attentive. I have no regrets but so refreshing to hear these days. Enjoy your children and husband they are so precious and you don’t get do overs with raising your family. Career will always be there and you can dictate the terms, family is non-negotiable. Stay on your true path Carrie, it’s a good one.

  2. Keep doing you, Carrie!!! Happy Mom=Happy Children. I don’t have any children yet, but can only imagine the juggling act it takes to be a good wife, amazing mom, and a successful career woman. I applaud both you and your family. It takes a wonderful support system to have the success that you do and it’s no surprise that you are where you are today!! God Bless you, lady!!! Xoxoxox Hugs from So Cal!!!

    1. It’s not easy, but you’ve made it look like it is- all of it, momming, careering and wifing. Truth is they all take presidence as needed and you do a great job of figuring that out! Love you and can’t wait to hear about your most recent adventure, but also look forward to those ahead! ❤️

  3. Ok, I have to admit that I feel relieved. ❤
    You are an inspiration to me and many others. I am also a mother and struggle with the “balance” of children and career. There is a new phenomenon of social media added too! I explain it to my husband as pulling the reigns back of a galloping horse. I want to let my horse “career” go full speed and run. But, then I miss the purpose of why I teach, because it gets away from me. If I yank back, then I fall off … I have to ease it back gently to a slow trot to have the most enjoyable ride. Compromise.
    As an observer, I have no idea how you are doing it all … and doing it all as well as you do! But, knowing that there is a balancing act going on brings me peace that I am not alone. Thank you. 😊❤

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