I love this time of year.  I love the holidays but I really get excited about the weeks following the holidays more.  My mind starts to get very busy with all of the possibilities and opportunities a new year can present.  In my personal life I get motivated to set a new a cleaning schedule for my house.  Sounds silly but getting my house organized makes me feel like I have control and I've mentioned how much I like that feeling!  I set goals like actually looking through the kids notebooks every evening and doing meal prep every Sunday.  Usually I only stick with it for about 6 weeks but it feels so good to give it another try!  At work I love to reset with clients.  For some we decide on new goals like working on flexibility for back greater extensions or learning every Level III exercise.  For others the assessment is that we're on a perfect path and to simply continue with our focused and steady progress.  I also get excited about my teacher training program and workshop design.  I love working with teachers because it fuels my daily work.  Today I set the dates for my winter 2017 mat training.  SO exciting!  WARNING: Nerd alert:  I also love, probably more than anything, opening my fresh, crisp 2017 planner.  It makes me SO HAPPY.  I'm going to do a post closer to the new year about which planner I use.  I realize this seems completely silly to some but I know there is a whole culture of planner obsessed folks like me out there who love to see how other people use their planners. Just search the hashtag #planneraddict on Instagram.  You'll die!  So friends...enjoy your upcoming holidays and join me in getting PUMPED for a new year and new possibilities.

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