but my enthusiasm is just getting revved up.


I am home after the most amazing professional experience of my life.  It was a week I'll never forget and if it was my peak then I am satisfied.  It was unreal and if you'd like to see more about it click here .

I've spent just about all of my energy preparing for my trip over the past month (in a way over the past 37 years but that's another blog post) and I'm so full of enthusiasm for my future I could burst.   Add to my excitement that I get a whole extra hour in my day today and I'm feeling outright obnoxious.  I'm excited about anything and everything!  I'm excited about my life slowing down a bit. Now I can enjoy the little things again like self-care and weekly meal prep which make me feel like I have control.  I REALLY like that feeling!  I'm also excited about making plans for the near future.  Maybe I'll teach a summer workshop or hold another mat training in 2017?  I'm excited about setting long-term goals.  What could I aim for in 10 years when both kids are in college?   Usually, when I get inspired and enthusiastic I feel like it's time sensitive.  I feel like if I don't "act now" my moment will disappear.  Today it feels different.  I'm busting with enthusiasm but I am calm and here is why.  Last week I had the honor of being around some of the greatest and most experienced Pilates instructors in the world.  I had the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with Kathy Corey and listen to her talk about new opportunities coming her way after 35 years of teaching.  It reminded me that if you're invested fully in your passion then opportunities will always present themselves.  I also had dinner with Alan Herdman who's been teaching Pilates for 45 years.  When he talked about travel, teaching, and mentoring students I was reminded that when you love what you do you'll always be bright eyed and excited about it.  Just watching Kathy and Alan move and interact with people reminded me that when you live what you love, you glow. They were both full of enthusiasm for their own lives and enhancing the lives of others with Pilates and I realized their journeys are what I wish for myself.  My sister reminded me when I called her last week so full of joy that I was weeping that "timing is everything".  If I had had this experience 5 years ago or even last year it wouldn't have been the same.  I was ready for it last week.  I was able to wring every last drop out of each and every moment and it was glorious.  For someone who is really good at working so hard for something that I can't enjoy the result, this was a major success!  The timing was right.  So as I make lists and set goals for what I'd love to see happen in my future I will also sit tight and embrace the journey.  I'll try not to forget that where I am in 20 years is not necessarily what I'm striving for but it's fully feeling and being present in the experiences along the way.  I will simply (yet enthusiastically) pass down my love for Pilates one person at a time, one day at a time just like any good Pilates Nerd would.

So cheers to a day of goal setting, meal prep, an afternoon walk, laundry, cleaning out the fridge and unpacking my suitcases!  I think I may need more than just one extra hour.

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3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Ends…

  1. Love it. You’ve grown so much. So very proud of you as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and one amazing Pilates teacher.

  2. I loooove this! I could hear your voice and feel your enthusiasm jump off the page. I love the idea of relishing in the moment, making such huge and important observations, and also doing laundry and finally unpacking. I’m right with you – let’s keep the inspiration alive!

  3. Far from a peak, my friend; you’re most definitely still rising! Love this post almost as much as I love you. #carrieon

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