As someone who is deeply passionate and experienced in all things Pilates, I look forward to helping you meet your highest potential as a Pilates professional. I want you to get where I am today faster than it's taken me! I'll help you discover the missing piece that will ignite your passion for Pilates because you deserve to be excited about your work.

Instructor Confidence Coaching

We'll discuss strategies that will help you teach at your highest potential and avoid burnout. Being a confident and effective teacher isn't about knowing a list of exercises. It's about how you deliver and communicate that information to your clients. I'll help you discover your personal teaching style and use it to empower your clients.


Studio Ownership Support

Owning a Pilates studio is a unique business unlike any other. Boutique fitness requires a level of personal care for each client but studio owners also have to take care of themselves. I've owned and operated my studio for 15 years and can help you troubleshoot client concerns, employee issues, and general day to day operating strategies so you get more enjoyment out of your role as a studio owner.


Skype Private Lessons

Want a private session with me?! Let me take you through a workout that can be tailored to any focus you need. Simply send me an email before our session, and I'll plan a 55 min private lesson that we'll do on Skype followed by goal setting for your personal practice.

$100 per 1 hour session
$375 for 4 sessions and a 4 month subscription to
$725 for 8 sessions and a year subscription to


“I am a new studio owner about to open my doors this July. As part of my business plan, I decided to invest in mentoring sessions with successful studio owners. Carrie was at the top of my list, so when the time came to reach out for advice, I didn’t hesitate to call her. She was very quick to fit me in her schedule, and asked me for a list of topics I wanted to discuss with her. She wanted to make sure I got the most out of our session. In a one hour we covered market and pricing strategies, scheduling, and even touched on the subject of work/life balance . She was warm, encouraging, efficient, and full of practical advice. I walked away feeling empowered and even more focused on what I had to do to prepare my business for a successful start. I highly recommend Carrie’s mentoring sessions to anyone starting out or looking to expand and grow. Her passion for Pilates, helping people, and her entrepreneurial mind make her the ideal mentor. “