For some people pregnancy makes them glow and feel glorious. Then there are the rest of us!  After a few months of glowing, my employee Carrie Broyhill found herself having a pretty hard time.  Here is our interview about her pregnancy, delivery and how her experience will affect the way she teaches forever.  I did this interview for those of you who have never experienced pregnancy so that you can have an honest perspective from a fellow instructor of what it can be like.  Everyone's experience is so different, but I hope you'll find this informative.  Make sure you also check out our prenatal series on the online studio. There are 12 sessions and that go from 13 to 31 weeks. Enjoy!

One thought on “A Pilates Instructors Pregnancy Journey

  1. pilates treatment after pregnancy helps a lot as my elder sister found out when she delivered a baby boy last year… I will ask her to follow your blog as she is expecting soon, hope you keep up the good work..

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